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well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm ma lien naylor -- maureen naylor. tori campbell is off today. it's tuesday, july 26th. the lunt is on for two gunmen in the east bay hills who opened fire on a regional park officer. jade hernandez is live where the search for the suspects continues. >> reporter: with daylight we're seeing ranchers here at the park. those walkers are talking about what brought multiple law enforcement officers out here and what will eventually bring
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them back. >> we heard fire engine, police cars, whatever else you could think of. >> and a helicopter. >> yes, and a helicopter, yes. >> i walked out there to the reservoir many times and there are places i'm sure they could be hiding in there. >> reporter: authorities are expected to be back out here searching the rugged, wooded terrain at rancho laguna park. they will be looking for suspects in the shooting and for evidence of a possible marijuana-grow operation. last night around 6:30, an east bay police officer on routine patrol and foot found himself under fire at the reservoir. he returned fire on two shooters. officers couldn't tell if he hit anyone but took cover until parks police could get their vehicle out to where it was. the vehicle pulled the ranger to safety. the search for suspect, which covered hundreds of acres, continued until about 10:00
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last night, a helicopter in the sky and officers from five different law enforcement agencies searched. the contra costa sheriff's office and the highway patrol and several others took part until the search was called off. authorities believed officer may have stumbled upon an illegal marijuana-growing operation. you can see the park is open at this hour. it looks like it will be another hour before we see authorities back out here. the gate opened here, rancho laguna, around 5:00 this morning. warmth -- morning -- this morning. we're live and wee will keep you -- we'll keep you updated.
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time now, 7:03. three redwood city boys convicted of assaulting female classmates on a field trip are facing jail time now. a 12-year-old admitted to sexual battery and can now get a sentence up to a year. a 13-year-old and a 14-year-old boy pleaded guilty to lewd conduct charges. they could spend up to eight years behind bars. authorities say the kennedy middle school students attacked two girls during a field trip last march. the school district is also investigateth. the idea of a multifunctional i.d. card could get a big push from the oakland city council. the card could help with several issues, including identification for undocumented immigrants and also act as a debit card for the needy. however, implementing that debit card has been a problem. so they may put that on hold
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see the rest of the program can go forward. there's controversy on the rule of trash crans -- trash cans in atherton. the city council narrowly approved a law which gives residents 24 hours to move their cans into place and another 24 hours to remove them. the rule comes about complaints about people who leave their cans on the street all of the time. some said problem should be resolved by just calling those who hibachily do that -- habitually do that. the nfl lockout is over. kraig debro is live where the facilities are just opening up to players. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: maureen, players are getting here just now. i don't know who that player is. he rolled in. he was very excited. he did a little dance for us in the front seat of his car. we spoke to a first-choice draft for the 49ers.
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i said you are not signed, how are you making this? he said my parents are helping me out. the first preseason is two weeks away. the players were locked out, and under the new deal the prayers -- players will receive res revenues and draftees will get lower. however, training camps can be less intense. retired players will be receiving substantially better benefits this. morning, at the raiders training facility in alameda it all seems right there. the raiders hold their training camp in napa. this year, the plans are just taking place. the team president told us finding hotels for players will be more difficult than usual. 49er players have been holding informal workers at san jose
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state. teams cannot sign free agents until friday. veterans won't play until they are signed. >> now we can get the playbook and put it together and be a team again. that's the most important thing. >> reporter: this is not the year either team would have picked for a lockout. that's because both jim harbaugh and hugh jackson are new coaches with the nfl. they are gonna have to hit the ground running starting today. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news ktvu channel 2 news. authorities in san mateo county are warning residents about a mountain lion sighting. they say the puma was spotted
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near edoder drive. >> most cats are most active around dusk, dawn or night. if you encounter one, don't run. norths say face the animal, make noise and make yourself look big by waving your arms. when it comes to america's debts, a lot of political pundits claim china and japan own most of it. but a tally says that's not true. take a look. this is only a partial breakdown showing china and japan with about a trillion dollars each in u.s. debt. among the many u.s. entities, it owned a share of the debt, the treasury has about a trillion and a half. u.s. households under 1 trillion, social security about 2.5 trillion. it's now seven days and counting until we get to that deadline for raising the national debt limit and the standoff in washington is still going on this morning. coming up at 7:15. we'll have a live report from
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our washington, d.c. noom. president obama's tv -- newsroom. president obama's speech, hear public response. according to the san francisco "the chronicle", a man has been arrested 14 times for similar crimes, for tourist scamming. he keeps returning for more. let's check in with sal. >> hello, dave. hello maureen -- hello, maureen. >> traffic is doing pretty well. if you look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's doing well. what i mean, we don't have any
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major stalls or traffic on the bridge. it's pretty normal, about a ten- minute wait. if you drive this every day, you are not gonna notice a big change at all. 237, the same thing goes. westbound 237 traffic is busy as you drive across 880. it gets better just after zanker road for the drive over the lawrence expressway. we do have slow traffic on highway 4 this morning, not only in antioch but also bay point. 680 southbound looks good from concord to walnut creek. if you are driving on 580, let's say you are coming in from 205, most of the 580 traffic is lucy all the way up to -- busy all the way up to livermore. other than that, we're in pretty good shape. speaking of pretty good shape -- here's steve. good morning. today we do have breaks from the fog. temperatures are trying to come up a little bit. the last time we had any real
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warm weather was 4th of july weekend. our forecast models keep trying to build this high back in. until i see the whites of its eyes and feel it, i'm only going ten-days -- ten days out. another low drops, in coombs us off -- cools us off, and then it repeats itself. sunshine, breezy. the sea breeze has been cut in half. yesterday it was about 30. today it's about 15. it's still there but not as strong as it was. sunshine, some of that fog continues to kind of burn off a little bit sooner. but there's plenty moving over the bay. 50s for everybody. santa rosa is still 52. sonoma county airport, upper 50s. 59 mountain view, 59 concord. high pressure, the biggin, the one that's been working out, back in the middle of the
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country. >> you know it's coming back here. you can feel it. you can see it. it's just not happening for us. we're continued to be dominated by an area of low pressure. that keeps low clouds on the go. once that burns off, sunshine, gradual warming. upper os, low 90s. you will see it in the valley before we see it. so morning fog gives way to sunshine. sometimes the fog tends to hang on. 80sen the temperatures. kentfield -- 80s on the temperatures. santa rosa, 84. fairfield, 5. 68 berkeley to 87 in antioch. livermore, 83. pleasanton, 83. 86 morgan hill and girl roy. 78 for san jose. 77 milpitas, also cupertino. one 80, redwood city, menlo park, 72. 60s on the coast. a lot of fog and low clouds and
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that flow makes it hard to warm up. >> all right. thank you, steve. the young man who survived the bear attack is back home. we'll tell -- we'll take you to the reunion with his family and hear the first-hand account of the ordeal.
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good morning. low clouds, nothing will burn off. and we'll have -- fog will burn off. we'll have temperatures about where they should be, about 60s, 70s and some low to mid- 80s.
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>> all right, steve. 7:15. it's really down to the wire. the u.s. hits the nationallet debt limit in just a week. at alison burns reports, president obama -- as alison burns reports, president obama and the house speaker are still in a war of words. >> reporter: that's right, dave. the august 2nd deadline is fast approaching and both sides here in washington, d.c. are still bitterly divided about how to deal with it. president obama used that evening news conference to outline consequences of default, emphasizing the u.s. could lose its triple-a credit rating and everybody would be affected. >> interest rates would skyrocket on credit card, mortgages and -- mortgages and car loans, which amounts to a huge tax spike on the american people. >> reporter: afterward, john boehner pointed the finger at president obama for failing to rein federal spending. he's sticking to the no new
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taxes in any deal. >> the president has often said we need a balanced aid propose which in washington -- approach, which in washington means we spend more and you pay more. >> reporter: now, president obama is continuing to press for a longer-term plan than john boehner. california's senator, barbara boxer, is speaking out about it right now on the senate floor, calling this a gop-made crisis. more on what she has to say in my next update in about an hour. for now we're live in washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, allison. well, many americans have run into trouble trying to contact members of congress. president obama urged a compromise on the debt ceiling. there are reports that many website crashed or had intermittent problems. it's not exactly clear what brought them down. but the outages happened after
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mr. obama made the -- made the request. overcrowding jails, the national average is 61%. the washington d.c. institute conducted the survey. happening right now, the government is looking into the fast and furious. the operation has been criticized for losing track of guns bought in the u.s. and ending up in mexico in drug cartels' hands. time is now 7:18. it was a very emotional homecoming last night for 18- year-old victor martin of
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richmond. he survived being attack by a grizzly bear in the mountains of alaska. yeah. ktvu was there last night as his family and friends welcomed young mr. martin back to his home in richmond. on saturday night, he was on a survival skills hike in the mountain north of agerrage. he was right in front of the -- agerrage. he -- anchor age right in front. >> kicked him right in the face. he was done that after. you don't mess with me. [ laughter ] >> they can laugh now. he was bitten on the ankle by the grizzly bear. two other hikers with them. they are still in the hospital in anchorage. the trip was bart of a 30-day -- part of a 30-day wilderness court. mr. martin said the worst part of the attack was having to wait eight hours for help to arrive. >> other than dealing with the attack, that was definitely the
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worst part. what if the bear comes back and you have two people who can't walk and i'm limping? >> the attack happened on the 24th day of their tour. martin says they were able to set up camp. they activated emergency locater we cons and were able -- beacons and were able to give first aid until help arrived. now he's looking forward to college in the fall and has no plans to go back to the wilderness. a bear in lake tahoe was shot and killed by wildlife officers. it happened sunday on incline village. nevada wildlife officials said 350-pound bear walked right up to people sitting at a cafe. the wildlife crew captured and killed the bear, saying it simply had become too bold. opponents of gay marriage have filed a lawsuit saying prosecutor procedures were not
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followed and say new york lawmakers didn't go through the appropriate committees before the full senate voted to approve the legalization of gay marriage. they add lawmakers who support their view were not allowed to speak before the vote. according to a new survey by bloomberg business, business is down at least five dozen wedding chapels. last year, only about 92,000 licenses were recorded. now chapels are focus on vowel renewles -- renewals. he. sandra bullock's ex-husband and his fiance have called off their wedding.
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sometime drivers think the short range of those electric cars is a big drawback. starting today, there is a new electric vehicle that reportedly overcomes that challenge. now, randl do you -- randall, do you love and de -- do you vow and give your love to varra? >> varra -- to say vau. >> why say -- to sara? >> i do. >> why this couple of had to say "i do" over the phone.
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7:24. burlingame is known as the bay area's city of trees, but something else is growing in that city on the peninsula. they are attracting high-tech companies from research labs to startups and fully-grown businesses. some of the corporate leaders say part of the attraction is
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burlingame's location. there's caltrain servers, lower rents, accessible restaurants. they say these are some of the reasons some are moving there. and you will start to see another electric car on the road. look at this. this is the karma. the first karma will be delivered to the chairman of the fikcar company in menlo park. it's a four-seater. it's powered by two 200-one horse power electric motors. it has a gas enjoin. it can go as fast as 125 miles an hour and travel 300 miles on a single charge. a u.s. marine is now a married man thanks to one special phone call. >> i now pronounce you married. >> yay! >> they are both from placer ville. right now, brown is in the army. medic is in a war zone.
7:26 am
but he didn't let that stop him from marrying the girl of his dreams. >> he said i can't wait to get married. i said i can't wait either. he said maybe we should figure out a way to get married out. >> so yesterday, she and her mother went to the vital of statistics office. sara's new husband will return from afghanistan in december. she said she's looking forward to celebrating their wedding in person. >> and we wish them well well -- we wish them well. >> she has that new bride glow. >> yes, she does. sal, are you watching the bridges? >> maureen, what would you know about that new bride glow? [ laughter ] good morning. yes we're seeing traffic in all of the usual spots. let's go outside. it's highway 4, it will be slow in antioch and also slow at the toll plaza, include the bay
7:27 am
bridge where you will see slow traffic from about 10 to 15 miles an hour. the traffic will be slow. this is a look at interstate 880 right here in front of the coliseum. the traffic is nice if you are trying to catch a flight at oakland international. it shouldn't an big problem for you at 880. look at 280. it's not all that great. we thought we might see summer vacation light. but it's not happening now. >> sal, sunshine already for some. the fog yesterday was everywhere. today is kind of just -- about half of the coverage. there's still plenty of areas with the fog. it will burn off. it does burn off sooner here. everyone gets in on the sunshine. a little slow process for some. should hit 60s. not as strong as yesterday. high pressure tries to build back. as it does, it's a really slow process. so temperatures inland come up with a -- come up a few degrees. mild to warm, morning, fog.
7:28 am
the wind does pick up a little bit. temperatures, 60s, 70s, 80s. there are a few areas starting to push the 80s. inland temperatures, i think we'll get upper 80s, low 90s. but i don't think much more than that. if anything next week we'll start to see another cooling trend. >> okay. thank you. 7:27. pg&e is hoping to close five bay area power plants. why they say the facilities need to go. >> reporter: the u.s. postal service is thinking about closing more post office branches. we should be learning about how this could affect the bay area. and san francisco firefighters battled a fire and this one involved a very expensive penthouse.
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welcome back. time is 7:31. the u.s. postal service is making an important announcement right now about a plan to shutter hundreds, if not thousands of post offices. allie rasmus is live in berkeley with the details and how the bay area might be affected in all of this. >> reporter: good morning maureen. the postal service is expecting to take a closer look at 3600 post office branches across the country to figure out which ones it might close. we don't know yet which bay area post offices if any may be on the list. they were supposed to send out
7:32 am
the list at 7:30 our time. we haven't received it. once we do, we will bring you the information. in the meantime, i spoke with a spokesperson of the post office of washington, d.c., she says since 199. over 200 -- since 1989, over 200 post offices have closed. this one we're standing in front of is one of them. there is a sign letting the customers know it's shut down april 30th -- effective april 30th. inside there is just an empty countertop and nothing on the walls. now hundreds of other post offices could meet the same end. not all of the branches on this new list expected to come out will be shuttered. some people we talked to this morning said either way the fact that the postal office is doing this is disappointing. >> it's not good. it's less jobs and a lot of people rely on the mail, you know. they rely on their mail. some people don't even have an
7:33 am
address for letters to go to. >> reporter: now, the petal service faces big -- postal service faces big problems. they lost $8 million. mail is down. competition from ups, fed-ex is up. but the post office is looking at alternatives. they say if they do shut down a significant number of retail outlets they will look into what they call village post offices, operating desks, counters, placed inside businesses, town hall and community services but again, the postal service says there's a list of 3600 post office branches across the country that could be reviewed for possible closure. again, we'll find out what, if any, bay area post offices are on the list. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. pg&e is planning to close five high-polluting plants in contra costa county.
7:34 am
one is in bay point, two are in pittsburg and two are in antioch. all of the plants operate with petroleum coke. that can't be refined through normal process. they say closing the plants would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 600 tons a year. overnight, residents are back home after an early- morning fire chased them out of an apartment building. it started at 1:15 on montgomery street near green. it started on the roof, then quickly spread to the penthouse. we still don't nope the exact cause of the fire -- don't know the exact cause of the fire. no injuries so far have been reported. also in north beach a woman was shot while walking home. it happened just before 10:00 last night at francisco street between mason and taylor. police said she heard a series of gunshots and realized she had been hit in the back. the woman in her 40s went to san francisco hospital and will survive.
7:35 am
police say she was not the intended target. san francisco police are calling the dealt of a -- the death of a man last night suspicious. officers went to prospect avenue in the bernal heights neighborhood at around 6:30. the medical examiner went there. they examined the area before taking the body away a few hours later. no other details have been released. san mateo county sheriff's deputies investigateth burglar ris of two portola -- investigate burglary of two puerto law. they got into a lab and stole mac commuters valued at $10,000. there was a crime at the cota ma der row school -- tora ma der -- cota corte madera school last month. joseph nasso, is accused of
7:36 am
killing women between 1987 and 1994. now he's asking for advisory council to be paid for the public. the judge is expected to rule on that at 9:00 this morning. san francisco prosecutors plan to challenge the latest legal development tied to a deadly shooting at fisherman's wharf. the san francisco d.a. os of is asking for a -- d.'s office is asking for a formal -- district attorney's office is asking for a formal hearing request for the defendant. the hold will hold a hearing on that next month. kids are being called upon to wear helmets while a 15-year- old was killed while riding his bike. yesterday, parents and -- friends and family gathered to the area where he was hit. police say he was not wearing a helmet and suffered a massive head injury and died the next
7:37 am
day at the hospital. >> i know that having a helmet may have either lessoned the injuries or maybe even saved his life. >> police are calling this a tragic accident and say the driver of the minivan will not be charged. they say parents and children need to remember that it is against the law for anyone under the age of 18 to ride a bike without a helmet. one pacifica bike shop owner says he offers very stylish helmets in the hopes that children will find one that they think is cool enough to wear. san francisco police have named a person of interest in connection to the case of a football player who suffered severe brain damage. this is home video of mark mcgovern. investigators say it appears a player hit him on purpose last month on treasure island. patrick powers is a person of interest. witnesses say is they heard powers say -- they said -- say
7:38 am
they heard "-- they heard" he won't get up from that "being shotted -- shouted from patrick powerses. pam cook will have an interview coming up at 7:45 with one of the sons of the defendant in the bryan stroh baling case. scientists say it appears the mother here is not eating and the calf may have headed back out to sea by itself. >> if the calf has been separated from the mother at this age, the cat may not be able to survive on its own. >> marine biologists say the whales heading to calmer waters is not uncommon but it happened frequently when a whale is sick. hope they will be okay. hey, sal, is traffic okay? did you take care of everything?
7:39 am
>> you know we're trying to dave and maureen. this is the peak of the morning commute. we're getting out to the point where we're gonna see a lot of busy traffic -- a lot of busy traffic. we see most of highway 4 is gonna be slow. if you are driving on the 80 freeway it looks a little bit better from pinole to richmond. as you drive to the bay bridge there's about a 15-minute delay. 37 to about the 580 interchange and pockets of slow traffic and on the peninsula we're looking pretty good as you drive on 101 and 280. let's move it out to some drive pictures now. i want to show you the 287 stop and go, about zanker road. nothing unusual there. if you are driving on 280 in san jose northbound right through downtown, some stop-and- go traffic. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very good morning. had a lot of fog yesterday.
7:40 am
just heard from patrick on a break, he said the sun is out already in redwood stores. a little cool breeze. the same can be said for many locations. we're getting down in the 50s and then we warm up 70s and 80s. fairfield should be 89. today, 85. yesterday they were 83. san rafael 81. today we're going 78. half moon bay is where you should be. 65 is the average high. today we're focusing -- forecasting 65. if you knee tis, the inland temperatures really -- notice, the inland temperatures really have been close to normal. high pressure wants to hang out in the middle of the country, goes out to the east coast. it's just not heading -- heading here. a little bit. inland temperatures are pumping up a little bit. not a lot. just a little bit. 50s on the temperatures, low, middle, upper. west-southwest fairfield, now yesterday, they had gusts to about 30, 35 miles an hour. so they only came in at 83.
7:41 am
we are cutting in half today. low clouds made it out to fair field. we do have some. there are areas that already have the sun. san jose, one, calm conditions there. we just have too much in the way of low pressure in the pacific northwest to warm up. low cloud deck looks like it will burn off sooner and then we'll have sunshine. the breeze not going anywhere. it's not that strong. gradual warming. gradual, the high kind of slides back in. but some of the seven and ten- day outlooks which would put us in the first week of august keep us cool. if you work outside, you are like, man, this is awesome, temperatures for many. if you want the warm weather, it's not showing up. mild to warm, breezy at times. but that wind is about half of what it was yesterday. 80s for some. still pushing upper 80s. clearlake should be about 100.
7:42 am
upper 80s. st. helena, 785. sonoma, 82. santa rosa, 84. 83 walnut creek and then you head to orinda. oakland, 70. danville san ramon at 84. livermore, 83. 86 morgan hill. 78 san jose, cooper tino, 77. fremont, nice at 76. about the same for menlo park, palo alto, mountain view. now, san mateo, millbrae, burlingame, foster city, upper 60s. unless you are by outer richmond or sunset, then it's lower. marine? >> thank you, steve. right now, almost 20 square miles of bush is still burning in san mateo county. firefighters say they've been relying heaviy on air support including 15 helicopters and eight tankers. that's in addition to the 1100 firefighters working on the ground.
7:43 am
the cause of the fire is still being investigated. the phone-hacking scandal has benefited one person. find out who just landed a book deal and how soon it could hit store shelves. high-tech help for heroes. fighting what is being called invis inwounds. invisible wounds.
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you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. welcome back. stocks have been falling today as the borrow limit is an issue. right now, as you -- as you can see, the dow is currently down
7:46 am
62-pints. right now, european point -- 62 points. right now, european markets are down. they followed asian benchmarks. hong kong, taiwan and jakarta finished the day up 1%. china closed with gains of .50 or more. new home sales fell 1%. the commerce department states they fell to a rate of 312,000 homes sold per year. but for the second year in a row, there was a 20% rate in some cities.
7:47 am
pam cook is live in our newsroom, as one of the defendant's bryan stow case, the mother is talking. >> marvin norwood and louie sanchez are behind bars on $500,000 bail. they are scheduled to be arraigned on assault and battery charges august 10th. they are accused of knocking stow to the ground outside dodger stadium and viciously beating and kicking him before running off. stow suffered a traumatic brain injury during the march 31st attack. one of the men vast -- arrested, marvin norwood, visited with his mother over the weekend. she refused to discuss what they discussed but tearfully insists her son is innocent.
7:48 am
>> this is -- because of the compassion he feels, i feel it from him when he's around. he makes me feel better. >> ktvu news obtained court documents accusing the other suspect, louie sanchez, of hurling an october at a woman wearing a giants' shirt the same night as the stow attack. a law enforcement source also tells us that fans in the same section as in other wordswood and sanchez -- in the nor wood and sanchez reported them for acting like "belligerent jerks." now, stow's family reports he's still making progress. it's painfully slow. they are celebrating small things, like the fact he can now open and close his eyes. pam cook, back to dave. >> all right, pam by the way -- pam. by the way, the judge banned the cameras from yesterday's proceedings. you a audio recordings -- but
7:49 am
audio recording were allowed. we've posted this at go there and look under the "bryan stow" tab. the veterans administration is set to announce $60 million in new funding for at-risk veterans. their needs have doubled ten times since 2006. the new money will help fund a program with grants for families that are homeless and at risk for losing their homes. military members are getting some high-tech app with injuries. these have been developed by the pentagon and fert vans -- and vet rans wars department. the -- veterans wars department. nick davis is gonna write a
7:50 am
book about the scandal that embarrassed rupert murdoch. so far ten people have been arrested. the book will be titled "hack attack -- how the truth caught up with the world's most powerful man." a ten should hit -- and it should hit stores next year. a family whose loved one was involved in a shootout with police want the truth. we'll tell you who they hired to get some answers.
7:51 am
7:52 am
welcome back. the family of kenneth harding, the man who was killed by police, say they don't believe the story they are being told. they were at office of john
7:53 am
burns discussing this. police say he died at first by officers. but then the medical examiner said he probably died on his own because the gun he had did not -- because the gun who -- the gun that killed him did not belong to officers. arnold schwarzenegger is tweeting encouraging news about his 13 idea son, christopher. he was injured in a body boarding accident and suffered broken ribs and a collapsed lung. he also thanked people for their support and prayers. the exnim -- the next time you apply for a job don't be surprised if you have to agree to divulging how you spend your time and your hobbies if you
7:54 am
make them public, that that is not invading your privacy. that means fake, twitter and other social networks are something they can look at. 7:53. keep an eye on netflix' stock today. it's down more than 8%. after yesterday's closing bell, the los gatos earning company reported earnth of $68 million. that's up 57% from the same time last year. netflix warns it expects survivor growth to slow down. they predict they can can -- they are also moving ahead with plans to integrate with facebook. netflix can be -- will be able to use their product with facebook.
7:55 am
netflix has new competition because walmart is getting into the streaming video business. starting today, the world's largest retail streams and rents movies online. many on the same day they come out on dvd. it's currently offering 20,000 titles which can be viewed on almost any device with internet access including pcs and playstation 3 and on television as well. movies are available to the rent for between $1 and $6 and can be bought for $5 or more. 7:55. our commute is no movie, it's real. >> no, it's happening. >> sal is watching it all. sal? >> that's right. we have a new crash reporting. 101 southbound after marsh road. a brand-new accident. chp doesn't even know if it's blocking a lane yet. so they are heading out to 101. let's take a look now nearby, it 8 -- 280 san jose. it's slow as you get up to highway 17. 101 northbound before hellyer,
7:56 am
there is a crash and that's blocking the lane, getting up to san jose to this point is gonna be tough already. and this morning's commute if you are driving at the bay bridge taupe, it's moderate, it's about a ten-minute wait. metering lights are on -- it's okay. this is concord, walnut creek. that traffic is busy all over concord. if if you are driving on -- if you are driving on 80, 80 slows in richmond. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. nice tweets coming in. bill from napa, the sun is out. bill from vallejo, the sun is out. also, patrick, the sun is out in redwood shores. there's fog out and it will burn off sooner. i've noticed the fog even though it extends it does peel back. now, it kind of kicked out. so temperatures have come up slightly, just a little bit. and they will continue to do that other of the next few dies
7:57 am
-- that over the next few days. we're not getting a north- northeast wind. a couple of low 60s. a lot of 50s for the temperatures. southwest or west so the sea breeze is there. high pressure wants to move back to the west but very, very slowly. so morning fog, sunny, mild to warm. the wind does kick up. yesterday we m gusts to 30. that won't be the case today. 60s, 70s and low to mid-80s on the temperatures. these temperatures are still 2, 3 degrees below average at this time. year. we'll see a little warm up. not a lot but i think the coast stays the same. it stays there. the first week of august is looking a little cooler, maureen and dave. 7:57. more violence on the streets of richmond overnight. what we're learning about the latest victim. >> reporter: routine patrol puts an east bay regional park police officer in danger. what he stumbled upon next.
7:58 am
49ers have started arriving at their training facility in santa clara, what the rookies are staying about their first -- saying about their first stay at camp. it's all ahead as "mornings on 2" continues.
7:59 am
8:00 am
and good morning. welcome back. i'm maureen naylor. tori campbell is off today. >> i'm dave clark. it's tuesday, july 26th. right now, the police manhunt is resuming for at least two gunmen in the east bay hills. they fired shots at a regional park police officer last night. ktvu's jade hernandez is live in moraga with the latest details. good morning, jade. >> reporter: authorities are expected to be back out here any time after:00. so we're keeping an eye out. we can tell you the gates are open at rancho laguna. they opened three hours ago. so walkers shared what they shared last night. >> we heard fire engines, cars, police cars. >> and a helicopter. yes. and a helicopter. i walked out there into the
8:01 am
reservoir many times. there are places i'm sure that they could be hiding in there. >> authorities are expected to be back out here searching the rugged, wooded terrain at rancho laguna park. they will be looking for suspects in the shooting and for evidence of a possible marijuana grow operation. last night, around 6:30, an east bay regional parks police officers on patrol bound himself -- found himself under fire. he returned fire on two shooters. the officer could not tell if he hit anyone but took cover until parks police could get their armored vehicle out to where he was. the vehicle was pulled to safety. the search covered hundreds of acres and continued until last night. a helicopter in the sky and officers from five different law enforcement agencies searched. the california sheriff's department, the chp and several other officers took part in the
8:02 am
search until it was called off. authorities believe the officer may have stumbled upon an illegal grow operation, not unusual and one of the things the officer is trained to look for while on patrol. >> we continue to check in with the east bay regional park district every hour. we've been told there's no -- there's no new information to pass along. the gate opened here about three hours ago. around 5:00 a.m. we're gonna let you know when the authorities arrive here and start to reorganize for their search later this morning -- moving. back to you. >> thank you. 8:02. well, anti-drug agents are conducting raids across six northern california counties. they are trying to rid the mendocino national forest of the illegal marijuana farms that are now booming. the operation reportedly involves hundreds. local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. so fab, the drug agent -- so far, the drug agents have made more than 70 arrests and have seized more than 3,000 marijuana
8:03 am
plants. well, california voters mayen asked for the second time if marijuana use is legal for medicine. signatures can now begin to be put on the ballot. there would also be tax on this. as you know, voters rejected a similar bill last november. 8:02. in overnight news, a 16-year- old boy is in critical condition after he was shot in richmond. the shooting happened near 9th street and mcdonald's avenue around 11:00 last night. police believe the victim ran from the scene the kaiser permanente richmond center and collapsed. police say they don't have a motive for the shooting at this point. we now know the nails of two men arrested in a shoot -- names of two men arrested in a shooting that left a girl fighting for her life. the suspects are 19 and 20 years old. police say the two fired several rounds at a housing
8:04 am
project on laguna street. a stray bullet went through the window and hit the girl in the chest. she remains in critical condition but is said to be stable. the two men accused have been booked into jail. east paul low alto police investigating -- east palo alto police are investigating whether a weekend shooting is connected to other shootings. the shooting on sunday night, the victim was kevin guzman. police are checking to see if his death is connected to the shooting on august 13th and august 19 -- on july 13th and august 19th. a 19-year-old, a 20-year-old and a 24-year-old are considered persons of interest in these case. police believe those three may have recently committed a series of violent crimes in colorado. well, a california hospital chain reportedly is under investigation. a state watchdog group is claiming that prime healthcare
8:05 am
service has a high rate of transferring patients from the emergency room to hospital beds. now, the report says admitting patients gives the hospital millions of dollars and they are often targeting medicare patients. patients say that's made it har for them -- they say that's made it hard for them. it's now seven days and counting to that deadline to raise the national debt limit and the standoff in washington is still going on. coming up at 8:15, we'll have a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom with president obama's televised last-ditch effort asking for a compromise. you will also see the republican response. the time is 8:05. right now, profootball players the -- pro football players in the bay area are returning to work. they've been driving in the last hour. kraig debro is there live where he's been talking with players.
8:06 am
and kraig, you say they are thrilled to be back? >> reporter: oh, yeah. the parking lot is full this morning hire at the facility, like a normal day. probably has not been like this for months. i spoke to a number of players and a team official about what's gonna happen here today and the foreseeable future. almost nobody cars, there's just lots of -- cares, there's just lots of enthusiasm today. >> this is joe staley! >> reporter: joe staley didn't knock down the gate in the parking area. but from the looks, he could have. on the owner lockout lasted 136 days. players agreed to the new cba, or collective bargaining agreement, within the last two days. that doesn't give arriving players much time to prepare for the first preseason game on august 13th. the team's first draft pick says it's time for some direction. >> it's been very independent. you have you and your teammates. that's about it. being able to finally give it
8:07 am
to coaches and start working toward our season and getting ready is very exciting. >> it's been nice to get out here the past few weeks i've been staying out here with collin. a lot of learning. that's what we're going to hopefully continue to do. >> reporter: the races -- the raiders faced challenges, too. the team finished one -- won every game in their division, scored 59 points in a game against denver but failed to make the playoffs again. the raiders have a new head coach, hugh jackson. the only question is will there be any hard feeling left from the lockout. >> i do not anticipate any kind of animosity whatsoever. i think we've already seen ten players in the building right now. i believe it's 7:30 in the morning. we've had threes guys. they are -- we've had these guys. they are ready to go. the coaches are ready to get go. we have a deal done. now we can get to football and
8:08 am
not deal with the lockout stuff anymore. >> reporter: anyone can come to the facility. but everyone has to have a physical before they can practice. veteran free agencies have to sign a contract before they can practice. teams can begin to sign those players starting today. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. good to see them back. thank you, kraig. the new nfl contract is also making exam bellers happen -- gamblers happen. it's the most popular sport to get on -- bet on in the u.s. las vegas casinos say a longer lockout would have had big repercussions. >> cocktail servers, beverage revenue, all of that would be affected. >> the restaurants and bars are also breathing a sigh of relief. one las vegas bar estimates business triples every sunday. >> -- wow. let's check in with sal.
8:09 am
how is the south bay, sal? >> oh, pretty good. it we start off on 237 or 23, you will see -- 238 you will see traffic. we haven't had any crashes on 237. we had an crash on the manahuge expressway. but those cars are on the shoulder. let's take a look at 880 northbound. seeing slow traffic passing the coliseum heading up north which is not out of the ordinary. there have been no crashes or stalled vehicles there. if you are driving on 80 westbound, come out to the richmond area. i see some slow traffic there. if you are driving to the oakland, we saw the oakland plaza. 5 0 is still good -- 580 is still good. 8:09. here's steve. thank you, sir.
8:10 am
>> still fog. but most locations have sun. the lows are relatively cool. a lot of low and mid-50s. definitely a chill in the area. it doesn't look like this pattern is gonna change much because we're not getting any heat. morning fog, sunny, breezy, the fog is about half of what it was yesterday. maybe a little bit warmer. inland temperatures are coming up. they are still below average. the coast is right where they should be. end of the week, end of the weekend, slightly warm he. 6 as 0s and 70s continue to hang out by the coast. nothing -- 60s and 70s continue to hang out by the coast. nothing that says we're gonna be really warm today. the sea breeze has been cut in half today. most locations, not too bad. the high-pressure system which has been for the longest time in the middle of the country or the northeast trying to build back to the west. but every time is does, it kind
8:11 am
of teases us and then backs off. once one ejects out. we, we come up on the temperatures. another one oftens in. there looks to be a little bit of a pattern change. the systems will not be as long moving forward. but still, low pressure looks like it wants to hang out. there's still gradual warming inland. still a lot of fog, 50, 60s. fog will give way to more sunshine. a number of tweets coming in. the sun is already out -- out. upper os. but in the air yacht -- upper 80s. but in areas -- 82 82 nova doe, 76 in vallejo. 80s for concord, pittsburgh, walnut creek, danville. antioch, 87. you come through the callly caught and you will -- caldy caught and you will find -- caldecott tunnel and you will find 60s, 70s.
8:12 am
one 80,wood side -- woodside. 60s on the coast. a lot of 70s for others. morning fog will give way to snipe, a little breeze here and there. but temperatures a little more comfortable. >> thank you, steve. 8:11. the bay area teen who -- teen who survived a bear attack is describing his ordeal.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
sunshine inland for many in areas. just had a tweet from dennis about light miss in the sunset district -- light mist in the sunset. :15. the draw -- drama is -- 8:15. the drama is intensifying in washington, d.c. as alison burns reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, fears are growing deals won't be reached at all. >> reporter: that's right. since my last update, we heard from barbara boxer, calling this a republican-made crisis. she took to the senate floor and childed republicans to join a democratic plan that would cut federal spending and raise the debt ceiling through the
8:16 am
next election. >> under george w. bush, my republican friends raised the debt ceiling by 90%. president obama is asking for an increase of about 18%. so america, figure it out. >> reporter: her comments come after president obama and house speaker john boehner delivered dueling news speeches last night about how to raise the debt ceiling. speaker boehner has called for a house vote tomorrow on his plan that includes a temporary increase in the debt limit. president obama is insisting on a longer-term plan. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news >> thank you, alison. now, many americans are also stressing about their own personal debt. an "associated press" poll shows 20% worry about their debt all or most of the time. 20% stress about it some of the time. on the flip side, they say 40%
8:17 am
is hardly ever or not a worry. the remaining 5% say they are debt-free. well, the city of pail palo alto has about $40 million. they have to figure out what to do with it. the money is coming from stanford university which the city gets in exchange for stanford being allowed to expand its medical center. the deal requires money be spent on affordable housing, green initiatives and health programs. >> we want to use the money spart and -- smart and be able to leverage it to perhaps multiply the impact of the why thetion. >> the city is asking -- of the contribution. stanford's first payment of almost $17 million will come later this year. this morning a young richmond man is back home after surviving a grizzly bear attack in the mountains of alaska.
8:18 am
>> yes! woo! >> we were there as friends and family welcomed 1-year-old victor martin hole -- 18-year- old victor martin home. he was in front of the group of seven people when they came face to face with a mother bear and her cub. >> kicked him in the face. man, he was done after that. k.o. you don't mess with me. [ laughter ] >> martin suffered a bite to the ankle. two other people on the hike are still at an agerrage hospital -- agerrage hospital -- anchorage hospital. martin says they were able to set up a camp, activate emergency locater -- locater beacons and administer first
8:19 am
aid until health came. he's looking forward to starting college in the fall. a private funeral service for amy winehouse just ended in north london. her father delivered the eulogy and asked her to sleep well. according to british report, amy wine house's body is now being created -- cremated. yesterday, there was an autopsy. but police say they haven't determined the exact cause of her death. they are waiting for toxicology reports to come back in the next couple of weeks. the new plans for a tribute concert for michael jackson were announced. but not everyone is happy, including members of the family. yesterday, his mother and la toy yay, marlin, jackie, tito, they say the tribute show will be on october 8th in wales. but right after that announcement. jermaine and randy jackson said they don't -- announcement,
8:20 am
jermaine and randy jackson said they don't support this idea. they say it's not appropriate to hold a concert during the criminal trial that surround -- surrounds michael jackson's death. a salmonella outbreak is spreading. what experts are saying about a fruit at the center of this. ♪
8:21 am
mmm. oh gosh. oh dear. big deal. you're delicious. so what. i've got news for you. there's no such thing... a bear sheriff. you think i'm afraid of you? hey what? you don't have to be mean to the cake. i do. you don't. i do. just eat yoplait light. they have great flavors like... boston cream pie, raspberry cheesecake. even though i work here, i'veost weight. wow. yeah. carry on. (announcer) 28 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each.
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8:23 am
welcome back. time now, 8:22. happening as we speak. this is washington. look at this. house and senate republicans are holding a news conference. they are unveiling legislation that they say would tell the treasury secretary what to pay if the government hits the national debt ceiling. now, under this proposed bill, the government would first pay the debt service, social security, and military pay before they take care of any other government obligations against -- again. again, this is a proposed bill from house republicans. they are having a live news conference. we wanted to peek in. but that's what they are talking about -- their proposed bill. we'll have more details on this later on. 8:23. public health officials are giving mcdonald's for a thumbs up -- a thumbs up for the latest changes to happy meals.
8:24 am
starting in september, mcdonald's will start to phase in changes that include adding fruit and vegetables to all happy meals and the french fry serving size will be cut in half. mcdonald's said they experimented with eliminating the french fries completely, but some parents complained. some papayas are being blamed for sal moon nell law. the fda says -- salmonella says ten people -- the fda says this is like lie the source for salmonella. agromod has issued recalls on these fruits. okay. let's check in with sal. >> if you have the luxury of waiting around for a few minute, you might do that. getting into san francisco is not all that bad.
8:25 am
the metering lights are switched on. moving along and taking a look at 8980 northbound and southbound, this commute -- 880 northbound and southbound, this commute looks pretty good. and if you are driving in marin county, southbound 101 between novato and san rafael is beginning to improve there as well. down to the peninsula we go, we have slow traffic on the 101 from the san mateo county in burlingame. i would say 280 looks good. let's go to steve. all right sunshine for many areas -- all right. sunshine for many areas. the lows are cool. good sleeping weather. high pressure tries to work its way back, but it's really having a hard time. morning nothing, sunshine, mild to warm. just a little bit warmer inland temperatures. they are still below average. i think we'll see muper -- mid- to upper 80s for a few. temperatures kind of held in check for a little bit here. at least for a couple of more
8:26 am
day us. i don't think we'll get much warmer than this. in fact, temperatures just stay there for a while, dave. thank you, steve. 8:25. it's a back-to-school shopping spree for 90 bay area kids. it's a nationwide event taking place right now at bay area target stores.
8:27 am
8:28 am
welcome back. 89:28. new this morning -- 8:28. just within the last hour, the postal service released a list of post offices that could close. thirteen of them are right here in the bay area. ktvu's allie rasmus, joining us live. okay, allie. what do you know so far? >> reporter: of that list, of
8:29 am
the 3600 post offices -- [ bad aud yesterday ] >> -- [ bad audio ] >> we will get back to allie. we're having an audio problem. oakland international airport has stopped construction. because of the ongoing debt ceiling debate, congress missed -- missed a deadline to administer the money to the faa projects. other reports in different cities were put on hold. oakland had planned to finish that to your in 2013 -- tower in 2013.
8:30 am
firefighters are trying to figure out what caused an early- morning fire in san francisco. it started about 1:15 on montgomery street near green street. the flames started on the roof and then quickly spread to the penthouse according to firefighters. people were evacuated from their homes. everyone has since been let back in. firefighters say some of the apartments had minor water damage and no injuries were reported. :30. well -- 8:30. in north beach, a woman is recovering after being shot as she walked home. this happened at 10:00 on franciscan between mason and taylor in north beach. police say she heard a rapid succession in gunfire and realized she had been shot in
8:31 am
the back. she went to san francisco general hospital. they do expect her to survive. police also believe she was not the intended target. san francisco police are calling the death of a man last night suspicious. in this case, police went to a home in the 300 block of prospect avenue in the bernal heights neighborhood about 6:30. the medical examiner went there as well as other investigators. they examined the scene and removed the body a few hours later. so far, we have no other details. as we were telling you, there was a big announcement from the postal service this morning about post offices that could be closed and that 13 of them are right here in the bay area. let's go back again to ktvu's allie rasmus and find out whatever details you are hearing, allie. >> reporter: well, dave there are a total of 3700 post offices across the country that the postal service says it will be looking at to see if they might close them. about 13 of them are located in the bay area. we have a list. we put together a lit to show
8:32 am
you the -- a list to show you. about half of the ones they will be studying are in san francisco. you can see them from the bayview, visitacion valley, the federal building downtown, there's another two in oakland, byron, rum ford stations -- rumford stations, south san francisco, daly city, downville, napa county and some smaller ones in san gregoireo. just because these are on the list doesn't mean they will close. they are on the list that the post office will take a look at to see if they might close them. either way some residents we talked to say it's not good news for them to hear. >> it's not good, it's less jobs and a lot of people rely on the mail and they rely on their mail and some people don't have an address for letters to go to. the post office is something that has to do with
8:33 am
customer service. and that's what people like. i think people would rather have that than just the impersonal thing of like a box. >> now, the postal stuffs is -- postal service faces problems. mail volume is down, competition from e e-mail. the post -- from e-mail. they are looking at alternatives. they are gonna be opening up what they are calling village services. they would operate desks, counters inside businesses, town hall or community centers. however, the people operating those counters would not be u.s. postal service employees, they would be operated by private businesses and companies. but again, the post office just put out a list of 3700 post offices across the country. they will be studying them to see way ones they might close -- which ones they might close.
8:34 am
for a full list of the bay area post offices and their addresses, you can go to live in berkeley, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you for the update. 8:33. san mateo county sheriff deputies are investigating burglaries at two puerto low valley schools. burglars cut a window screen to get into the school's computer lab last week -- commuters lab last week. today, accused serial killer, joseph nasso, will find out if will get any help in his case. he's accused of killing four northern california women between 1977 and 1994. now, he's asking for advisory counsel to be paid for by the public. the judge is expected to make his decision at 9:00 this morning. san francisco prosecutors plan to challenge the latest legal development tie toad a -- tied
8:35 am
to a deadly shooting at fisherman's wharf. last week a doctor concluded that the slid who killed -- concluded that the individual who killed two storeowners who were competitives to him is not competent to stand trial. a judge will hold a hearing next month. a new court accuses the san mateo corrections facility of being inefficient. on average, 73% of inmates in san mateo county, sat in overcrowded jails waiting for their cases to be heard. the national average is 61%. researchers recommend releasing more low risk inmates. san mateo county sheriff's told "the daily news" that this report is a super fishal look
8:36 am
-- superficial look. a--cent general purpose -- a half-cent general purpose received support. ed lee is scheduled to sign that city's balanced budget for the fiscal year 2011-20112, if it's approved by the board of supervisors. three redwood city boys convicted of assaulting a female class student during a field trip are facing jail time. a 12-year-old admitted to sexual battery and could get a sentence up to a year. and another boy pleaded guilty
8:37 am
to lewd conduct charges and could get eight years in jail. this happened last march. the school district is also investigating the incident. the idea of a multifunctional i.d. card could get a push from the city council tonight, it could help with identification for undocumented immigrants and a debit card for the poor. but implementing the debit card has been problematic and council said they may put the idea on hold so the rest of the program can proceed. >> there's some controversy over the implementation of a new rule on trash cans in the upscale town of atherton. the city council narrowly approved a law that gives residents 24 hours to move their cans in place and another 24 hours to premove -- remove them. the rule comes after complaints about people who leave their fans on the street all of the time. some people feel the problem
8:38 am
should be contacting the offenders. "the "the chronicle"" says a man -- "control" says a man takes your money for parking and is not an employee. you will find a ticket on your windshield when you come back to your car. this man has been arrested 14 times. he even spent sometime in prison. but he keeps going back to the waterfront to do it all again. we're just getting word of a new crash in the livermore valley -- valley. we want to get too details on -- we want to get to sal for the details on that. >> that's right. westbound 580 coming in to the valley. now there's word of a fill small as well. all of a sudden this commute is going from -- it was pretty good. now it sounds not so good. the location westbound 580 before airway, two cars
8:39 am
reported. a big rig, a fuel spill. there are also injuries. pair pledicks are on the way and it's backing up across the altamont pass. in union city and fremont, we already have slow traffic for you away from the crash. 8 -- 0 southbound backed up to the fremont -- 880 southbound backed up to the fremont plant. 680 from concord to alamo some slow traffic there. this morning's commute is going to be slow in the south bay. 280, nothing unusual but it's slow here coming out of downtown into the valley. 8:39. let's go to steve. a very good morning. more sunshine this morning than we had this morning. still some fog. more sun today by a wide margin. the fog will start to retreat. temperatures still struggling, a lot of 50s. high temperatures continue to be either average by -- by the
8:40 am
coast, slightly below, but mainly inland temperatures still struggling. fairfield should be 9. they were only 83 yesterday. but they had a ripsnortin' sea breeze at 30 miles an hour. it's only half of that right now. half moon bay, 65. that's exactly where you should be this time of year. the inland temperatures should get toal. if not tomorrow, thursday and friday. but they will probably stay there. i don't think they will get much higher than the 80s and 90s. the low pressure kind of takes a dip into northern california and then ejects out. that allows our temperatures to cool down and then warm up. it's on its way out. a decrease in the fog today. more sunshine. sunny, breezy, slightly warmer temperatures. but by the coast, i don't see much of a change. there's too much fog out there even though high pressure wants to come back. tahoe keeping an eye on the
8:41 am
key. usually you can get a -- on the sky. usually you can get a lot of lead time. fairfield, 62. temperatures will continue to be just really stuck. the five and seven-day outlooks are warmer and a almost bit cooler. as one -- and almost cooler. as one system moves out, another one comes in. gradual warming away from the coast. there's no sign of a north- northeast wind. so the coast isn't really gonna get on any warming. the inland temperatures should start to get in the 90s. fog gives way to a lot of sunshine. temperatures coming up slightly. 60s 70s, 80s. it does look like slightly warmer inland temperatures as we go into friday and also over
8:42 am
the weekend. 8:41. more than 90 bay area low- income students in need are on a back-to-school shopping free. >> this is another one. >> oh, perfect! you like those? >> yeah. >> okay. >> that's what i'm talking about. this is video from a target store in colma. that's where some of the students are shopping as we speak. you see them right there. two other bay area target stores are welcoming even more students. >> this back-to-school program that target helps us with is a great opportunity to help kids in the community. >> each of these students were given an $0 gift vard from the salvation army -- $80 gift card from the salvation army to buy what they need. it's part of a nationwide effort -- nasa a nice jacket, too -- more than 500 target stores are taking part in the event. more than a million dollars in gift cards were given out. the mother of one of the defendants in the bryan stow
8:43 am
beating case is defending her son. the tearful explanation on why she says he's not a monsester -- monster. ♪
8:44 am
[ female announcer ] sweet honey taste. 80 calories per serving. 40% daily value of fiber. i'm here in the downtown area where the crowd is growing. [ female announcer ] watching calories at breakfast never tasted this sweet... i'll go get my bowl. [ female announcer ] ...or this huge. new fiber one 80 calories. yes, you can actually love breakfast.
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8:46 am
currently the dow is down 66 points on wall street. nasdaq is up just slightly, s&p is up. stocks have been dropping for the second day and a new report came out that just -- that shows consumer confidence did rise slightly last month. burlingame is also known as the bay area of treats -- trees. burlingame is attracting high- tech firms for startup and fully-grown businesses. part of the attraction is the location. it's between san francisco and san jose. caltrain service, lower lents -- lower rents and accessible restaurants are other reasons why business owners say they are moving to burlingame. california drivers will start to see another electric road on the car. the first karma phone will be delivered in menlo park. the karma has four seats and it's run by two 200-horse power
8:47 am
motors. also has a gas-powered engyp. the they say the karma can go as fast as 125 miles an hour and travel 300 miles on a single charge. norths have delayed the manhunt in the east bay hills because of dangers out there. they need time to study that area before they move in. just to bring you up to date, two gunmen fired shots at a regional park police officer last night at the upper san leandro reservoir in morago. the officer was not hit by the gunfire but authorities believe the shooters were trying to protect an illegal marijuana operation. one week left now to the deadline on the debt ceiling. president obama is calling on the american people to call their congressman, tell them to compromise and get a deal done.
8:48 am
a 16-year-old boy, a 16- year-old boy is in critical condition after being shot in richmond late last night. he apparently took himself to the kaiser permanente richmond medical center. and then according to authorities, he then collapsed. >> we're hearing more about the two defendants in the bryan stow beating case. 30-year-old marvin norwood and louie sanchez are behind bars on half a million dollars bail. the l.a. times reports that sanchez's sister has implicated him and her fiance, marvin norwood in the dodger stadium attack. the report also shows that sanchez told witnesses to keep
8:49 am
quiet. >> this is -- because of the compassion that he has, i feel it from him when he's around. he makes me feel better. >> now, ktvu news obtained court documents accusing the other suspects, louie sanchez, of throwing something at a woman wearing a giants' shirt and pushing another fan as they walked out to the parking lot. a law enforcement source also tells us that fans in the same section as norwood and sanchez complained to police about their aggressive behavior. now, investigators are asking people, particularly those who were sitting behind third base during that game to come forward
8:50 am
forward. >> a judge banned the audio -- the visual cameras from the hearing yesterday. but we have the audio recording at the man who confessed to the bombing and shooting in norway, the attorney says he's probably insane. he says breivi told him he's part of an organization with several cells in western countries. at -- cells in separate countries. conservative talk show host glenn beck is being attacked
8:51 am
for comments he made about the summer camp in norway where dozens of other people were killed. he compared the camp to the hitler youth organization of nazi, germany. a group founded by glenn beck is hosting politically-based camps in summer in kentucky and colorado. it's now tone minutes before 9:00. governor jerry brown has been called to jury duty in alameda county. he received the regular instructions to call tonight to find out if he has to show up. in 19 1, brown served as foreman of a jury that acquitted a man on malicious mischief. a new census report shows the recession may have hit my foreties the hardest. the gap between minorities and
8:52 am
whites has jumped. analysts blame plunging home values. the menlo park city council will consider a proposal to freeze the salaries of the city's police officers for two years. the union representing menlo park's 36 police officers also agreed to other concessions to help the city with its budget deficit. the officers' work schedule will be reduced by 100 hours per year. that's equivalent to about a 5% pay cut. officers will contribute 3% more to their pension fund. california will help send some undocumented immigrants to college. governor jerry brown signed the california dream act into law at los angeles city college yesterday. this will allow private organizations to provide financial aid to students who came into this country illegal. despite any possible pop o-- opposition, the governor is likely to provide measures that
8:53 am
provide funds to those students. gay marriage has been legal in new york for a few days but it's already facing a big legal challenge. it's a catch for the record books. now, this is what you call a monster shark. we'll show you how it measures out.
8:54 am
8:55 am
welcome back. some florida fishermen are showing off a monster shark. it measures 13.5 feet long and
8:56 am
weighs more than 600 pounds. it's the eighth largest shark on record and took more than two and a half hours to reel in. the largest shark ever caught meshes 22 feet long. it was captured off the coast of hawaii. new york's gay marriage law now faces its first legal marriage just days after the first same marriages. opponents have filed a lawsuit saying proper procedures were not followed -- filed. they didn't go through the proper chan the -- channels. 8:56. an american soldier in afghanistan is now a married man thanks to a special phone call. >> i now pronounce you married. >> yay! [ laughter ] >> army specialist randall brown and his new bride saw raw, on the right there -- sara, on the right there. the man is in the war zone.
8:57 am
that didn't stop him from marrying the girl of his dreams. yesterday, sara and her mother went to the vital of statistics office and that's where they were married by phone. sara you a new husband comes back from afghanistan in -- sara anew husband comes back from afghanistan -- sara's new husband comes back from afghanistan in september. toss's ticket tuesday day. the show is a puppet show. it's completely unsensorred. if you would like a chance to win go to before midnight, scram down to the "right now" tab and put in the secret word which is "puppeteer." let's go right -- right to sal. 580 westbound right near the airway exit. watch for slow traffic there this morning. i think we're going to the mans
8:58 am
first. westbound 580 at -- maps first. westbound 580 watch for traffic there and -- and there's stop and go traffic into the livermore valley. let's go to steve. all right, sal. fog burns off. sunshine, cool, mild to warm. temperatures coming up a little bit inland. 80s. we'll see some upper 80s, low 90s as we head to the end of the week. >> slowly we'll get up there. >> yes. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> that does it for us. coming up on the news at noon, we'll have more on the u.s. postal service announcing which postal offices could be closing. until then, from all of us here, have a great day. >> bye now.
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